Tweets And Hashtags Not Showing In Twitter Search?

After going on about the great ways to use twitter’s search functionality to find topics and people of interest, I’ve come across a frustrating discovery.  It seems that new Twitter accounts (and anything they post) are not visible in searches.

As a new user you likely haven’t noticed this, as everything will appear normal on your profile page.  Your tweets appear in your timeline, and you’re receiving others’ tweets (hate that word).   But the hashtag tool that we can use to keep up with each other is useless.

Ideally, we can use the #fcrsm tag to make our posts (ok, ‘tweets’) visible to each other.  But when they don’t show up in search, it kinda defeats the purpose.

I’ve put in a two tickets to Twitter, and so far the only reply referred me to this page explanation page.  It says the way to confirm if you can be found in search is to go to and enter from:username (inserting your username, of course).  If it comes up zilch, no one will find you or your tweets via search.

“So what can I do?” As near as I can tell, we must have to get through the waiting period, which for me has been 4 days so far.  So if you haven’t already, go ahead and set up an account, create a post or 2, follow a few people (especially other students in the class), and begin the ‘waiting’ period.

I’ll update if I learn any other suggestions.

**UPDATE**  (9/12) After submitting my second ticket, my account is now appearing in search, as are my hashtags.  So for me, it took 5-6 days.  I’m not sure what role my tickets to support had, but I tend to think they were ignored.

My hashtags posted prior to today still do not appear in search, but from here on out, a search on #fcrsm (for Ft Collins Recreation Social Media) should help you follow my tweets related to our class.

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