WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Where Should I Blog?


Photo by Kristian D.

After recalling some glossy-eyed faces during the discussion in last class comparing free blogging platforms with self-hosted options, I wanted to bring in some additional guidance.

Many of the discussions comparing the WordPress.com and WordPress.org platforms very accurately describe the technical details and distinctions. Here’s one such discussion directly from the folks that run WordPress. However, many fail to address the differences in their respective Terms Of Service (TOS).

If you are wanting to create a blog for generating revenue, it’s important to pay close attention to certain distinctions on what’s allowed or not allowed. In general, if you use the WordPress blogging software from WordPress.org and host your own blog (yes, paying for hosting) you can advertise anything and everything to your heart’s content. Your particular hosting company may have specific terms that prohibit you from providing/selling certain things such as pornography or engaging in illegal activities, but these restrictions are not related to the WordPress platform itself. It’s very common for people to run all kinds of advertising programs and sell affiliate products on their self-hosted WordPress-backed site. Continue reading