A New Session On Blogging

blogging basicsA new session on blogging starts up today. This new class, Blogging For Passion Or Profit, assumes students have minimal experience creating content online, and will review the options for creating and maintaining a blog.

The overall goals of the class include:

  • Understanding what a blog is and the potential uses for/purposes of blogs.
  • Creating posts and commenting on a live blog.
  • Defining objectives for participants’ own blogs.
  • Creating either a self-hosted or free online blog.
  • Managing the appearance and content of blogs.

Students will be creating their own blogs, but they will also use this very blog for creating posts and commenting. The Selective Social Media blog will also be used in various demonstrations as the class progresses.

Members of the blogging class will soon be receiving an email with login and password for this blog in order to write posts. The only folks I have emails for are Carmen, Mary, and Lee. The rest, please contact me via the Contact page of this site and let me know your email address. Otherwise I’ll get it in class.