Now Interact With Facebook As A Page

Facebook just rolled out some changes to address some of what were among the biggest drawbacks to using Pages. Previously, you could post anything you want on the wall of your own ‘page’ (remember, different than a personal ‘profile’), but you couldn’t post as your page on another’s wall. If you wanted to add to a discussion you had to post or comment as your regular name you use on your profile.

But Facebook saw the light, and (among other new features) pages may now engage as themselves. So instead of replying to a comment as ‘Freddie Smith’ and everyone saying, “who?”, you can now comment as ‘Freddie’s Custom Quilts’, and everyone says, “Oh, that guy!” And if you attract people with your valuable contribution, you’ll get legitimate followers.

I don’t have my own video, but check out this one for a brief demonstration.

There are other ways Pages are now more like Profiles.  There are likely to be more changes – or at least ‘tweaks’ – in the near future. It’s also possible that not everyone sees everything exactly the same way right now, but if you don’t have something, you’ll likely have full functionality soon.  Here’s a link to some more details on those new functions.

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