Example Of Using LinkedIn to Help Get A Job

Here’s an excerpt from a post describing the way one person used LinkedIn combined with her connections at NoCoNet to help her land a job.  For reference, NoCoNet is a physical organization (also has a group on LinkedIn) to help unemployed people build their networks.

I won’t be at NoCoNet on Monday as I am starting a new job as a Project Coordinator at Beckman Coulter. This is a 6-month contract through Adecco.

I found this job through a contact in the company. I had applied as a product support engineer for Beckman Coulter, and in that process I looked up employees of Beckman Coulter on LinkedIn. I found two people that I had an association with — one was a NoCoNet person that used to be at Beckman Coulter and had a lot of contacts there. He responded to my request and spent about 10 minutes on the phone with me describing the culture, the products, the names of key people.

The second person was also a former NoCoNet person, someone who had worked at my previous company, and was a new hire to Beckman Coulter. She was very helpful in telling me about the job and taking my resume to talk to the hiring manager. A couple of weeks later when their PM resigned, she wrote to me and asked me if I was interested. She helped me by talking to the hiring manager, giving me the name of the HR person to talk to, and answering my questions about the pain points she saw of the organization….

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