LinkedIn Tips

After recommending Viveka’s LinkedIn training, I had a chance to engage her yesterday at a local meetup.  Seems I always pick up something new from her, and this was no exception.  I really was hoping to be convinced of the merits of indiscriminately building a huge network, as seems to be a popular strategy, but no dice.  In fact, she conceded the superior strength of the selectively-built network.  But it’s always a tentative spot countering ‘the expert’…

A few tips I can pass on:

  • Using anything other than your name in the ‘name’ fields is against LI’s terms of service, and can get your account banned, hidden, or otherwise useless.
  • Recommendations may be made by any first level connection, regardless of affiliation or professional relationship.
  • One good way of strengthening your network is to reach out.  Contact people in your network and ask (in your own words and context), “how can I help you?”
  • In the spirit of ‘how can I help?’, use your profile summary to highlight the ‘benefits’ you offer as opposed to your ‘features’.
  • Create custom tags for you contacts in order to sort them by any label you choose, i.e., family, coworkers, etc.

If you get a chance to take in one of Viveka von Rosen’s presentations, I strongly recommend it.  Either locally through the Larimer County Workforce center or occasionally you’ll find her in an interview or presentation online.