Otterbox Tweets Replies To Consumers

Strategic Use Of Twitter

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If you’ve seen the what-I-ate-for-lunch tweets and still struggling with the “so what?” of Twitter, take a look at

Here’s a small but quickly growing company that embraces social media for branding and communication directly with their market.  A few things to point out:

  1. They have a direct link to their company web site.
  2. Their bio is concise and helps people decide whether to follow or not.
  3. They have twenty times more followers than people they follow  – a sign of leadership.
  4. As it appears today
    • the feed is mostly @replies to individuals who asked about products or issues.
    • A few posts relate to new product releases.
    • Only one non-business related post about Super Mario turning 25 (not bad, cute, probably won’t cause any unfollows, could be worse…)
  5. Design is consistent with that of company web site.

They seem to be well connected to their market, at least with @ replies.  They may do better with a little more regularity in posting original tweets (only 2 in three days, including the Super Mario tweet), although they have lots of searchable content.

It’s a good example of a company that adopts a good selective social media strategy.  Click the image to enlarge.

Example Of Using LinkedIn to Help Get A Job

Here’s an excerpt from a post describing the way one person used LinkedIn combined with her connections at NoCoNet to help her land a job.  For reference, NoCoNet is a physical organization (also has a group on LinkedIn) to help unemployed people build their networks.

I won’t be at NoCoNet on Monday as I am starting a new job as a Project Coordinator at Beckman Coulter. This is a 6-month contract through Adecco.

I found this job through a contact in the company. I had applied as a product support engineer for Beckman Coulter, and in that process I looked up employees of Beckman Coulter on LinkedIn. I found two people that I had an association with — Continue reading