Blog Hosting

If you’ve decided to host your own blog instead of using a free hosted service, you’ll want to select a hosting provider. I’ve used a few hosting providers, and there’s one I recommend above the others for new blog installations.

Web HostingMy first recommendation is Siteground (click to find a domain name and begin setting up a hosting account.

I like the service for first-time bloggers mostly because of:

  1. Ease of use – It’s super easy to install the WordPress software and set up your blog. Instead of having to find and set up an FTP client and upload files to the server, it’s all done with a simple ‘one button install’ approach.
  2. Service – Service is fast and competent with both phone and live online chat options. They’ll even transfer an existing site for you.
  3. Economical – Hosting shouldn’t break the bank.
  4. Domain name included – An added bonus is that – at least at the time of this writing – a domain name is included free for a year.

Installation is fairly easy if you use the wizard walkthrough. I general I don’t recommend purchasing the upgrades unless you’re sure you need them. Remember you may always add the upgrades later if you change your mind.

The Siteground tutorial may be found here.

Disclaimer: I do earn a commission from Siteground if you use my link to sign up for their service. There are many choices for hosting, but again, I recommend this one based on price, ease of use, service, and mostly, my own personal experience with the company. Yes, I use them to host my sites!