Anxiously Waiting To See Your Facebook Timeline?

You’ve heard the hype, the cheering, the whining, the hubbub, perhaps the video, but you’re still not seeing your new Facebook layout. It was to be released two weeks ago, then a week later. Not the official word is it will roll out in “the upcoming weeks”. What’s the deal?

The real details haven’t fully been made public, but it appears that at least one reason for the delay could be at least in part due to legal proceedings originating from the unhappy owners of a web site at – no relation to the new Facebook feature.

But whatever the reason, you can manually flip the switch to let you start using the new timeline layout immediately. Technically it’s still in beta, and you may not yet see all the features such as the ‘Ticker’. But you’ll get the basics and can start playing around with the layout and settings. The folks at TechCrunch have posted the details to enable the new features here.

If you’re a patient person, no doubt you’ll see the new changes ‘soon’. If you’re feeling like a kid at Christmas, go over, check it out, and get started. If you do enable the new layout, you’ll then see the new layout of others who are using it as well!

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